About us

The Concept of Qissa AKA SacShirts
We want to help share your passion and message.
We believe that our using high value, cost-conscious, and quality products.
We believe using apparel as our medium will yield the greatest impact- you are what you wear.
This project all started with at UC Davis when I learned how to screen-print for fun. One day, a friend of mine asked if I would be able to make shirts for an upcoming event for their club. Word quickly spread and before long I found myself accidentally started a business.
Fast forward to today, we now have professional grade screen printing equipment and also direct to garment printing for smaller order. In addition, we also can print on coffee mugs and even phone cases! As our business grows we will be bringing more features to suit your needs and help you share your passion.
Standard shipping is included on ALL orders!
Took a Screen printing class for fun. Realize starting a business is more fun than getting a job.