A little background The Golden Gate National Cemetery:
On the outskirts of San Francisco (San Burno) is the Golden Gate Nati
onal Cemetery. It
is the final resting place the service men and women on the West Coast. Th
e 161 acre
national cemetery was officially dedicated on Memorial Day on May 30, 19
Fifteen Medal of Honor Receipts are interned here at the Golden Gate National
Cemetery. Adm. Chester W. Nimitz is also buried here at as well. Soldiers that fou
ght in
the Spanish American War is also buried here.
For more information, including the names of the Medal of Honor recipients, pl
visit their website at
My two cents: I grew up playing pretend solders, video games, and watch war movies.
thought it was so cool to be soldiers and pretend to fight in famous battles an
d do heroic
things. My faviorte type of video games are first person shooter because
I want to be
just like them.
The books, the movies, and video games all made it seem so distant and fake.
That is, until you step foot on a Cemetery like this.
The rolls of organized and well place headstones, the names, the flowers, th
e eerie
peacefulness of this 161 acres.
This is real, this is the proof.
The entrance to hollow grounds. Flyby included.