For those of you living in California, congratulations on surviving the
recent heatwave.
The weather was 105+ for an entire week. Needless to say things got a little
toasty. I
even had to turn on the air conditioning (you know it’s hot when I turn on t
he AC).
While most of us decided to retreated to the comfort of our homes, there were still br
souls that ventured out despite the heat.
My friend Paul was one of them.
Paul and a few of his friends went hiking at Napa during the heatwave and
Paul suffered
a heat stroke as a result.
His condition was critical and needed to be life-flighted (helicopter)
away to a hospital.
Paul is still in the hospital, it’s been nine days since the acci
dent. I hope he makes a
speedy and full recovery.
Here’s a few tips to keep yourself safe and alive. (Don’t be like Paul and get
a heat stroke.
Also, don’t be like Paul’s friends for not recognizing the symptoms of heat
Be Hydrated
your best to be hydrated the day BEFORE your adventure. One easy
way to tell is by the color of your pee. If the pee is yellow you’re in trouble, i
f it’s white
then you’re alright. (This is a good rule of thumb in general)
Get a good night sleep
Whether you believe it or not, your body will be into overdrive when you are runnin
around in the heat. Do yourself a favor and make sure your body is well rested
so it can
function at 100%.
Eat Healthy
Your body does amazing things to keep you alive, return the favor by nourish
ing it with
good food. Don’t touch fast food at all prior to the trip or the day before, but y
ou MAY
grab some in an out on the way back home.
Subway is prob the only “fast food” joint you should go, but even then subw
ay is
questionable. Avoid soda.
While you’re on your activity
Drink up every 15-20 minutes.
Don’t wait till you’re thirsty, if you’re thirsty than you’re body i
s already struggling. Keep
your palette wet and take a drinks every 15-20 minutes. Avoid Gulping a
s it will lead the
Have Snacks, avoid heavy
Nuts and those nature valley bars that falls apart the moment you bite in
to them are
good ideas. Fruits are also a excellent idea. The point is you don’t’ want to
have anything
too heavy that will put you into a food coma.
WEAR A HAT (Sunglasses are also a good idea)