The final stop of our East Coast tour, we drove from Maine all the through t
o Montreal.
We took the backroads to Montreal and were treated with a great drive and beautif
One thing that we noticed once we’re in Canada are the churches. No matte
r how big or
small the towns are, you can expect to see a beatiful chruch.
Another cool thing about the eastern side of Canada is that they are French
so expect to hear french everywhere you go. It’s a real treat for me as I never been to
Europe and this is a mini Europe practice session for me.
In any case, enjoy the pictures!
One thing I have to say about the city of Montreal is how tourist friendly
they are. There
are dedications locations for tourist information and public transport
ation was easy.
Even though I don’t speak any French, most people are bilingual and speak p
One thing that I was not prepared for is how much they smoke. There are smokers
everywhere! So be prepared for that. Even with all that smoking, there wasn’t th
at much
liter around the city (it also helps that there are ashtrays everywh