I love nature. Often times we forget that there is a world aside from our conc
rete jungle.
I spent this past weekend hiking the Mt. Tallac trail in Majestic Sout
h Lake Tahoe with
my friends.
Mt. Tallac trail is about a ten mile round trip with an elevation differ
ence of 3255 feet.
Open only a few months out of the year, hike is rated as “diffcult.”
Dispite being diffcult, the trail offered some great vantage points of th
e varies ponds and
lakes around Tahoe.
The first mile or so we were surrounded by lush vegatation and trees, streams
of fresh
snow water crossed our path. Those spots were great resting points as well as a
oppertunity to refill our bottles.
Half way through the hike we reached a clearning, deprived of vegatation, was a
hundred meter steep uphill climb in nothing but rocks. That was by far the most
challeging part of the entire hike.
Once on top of Tallec, you get an incredible 365 degree view of lake tahoe, acompanied
by half a dozen chipmunks begging for food.
This trail opens till September or until the snow comes back, so be sure to chec
k it out!
First nice nice after a mile into the hike
Fresh Moutain Water
More pretty lakes
Then comes the challenging part of the hike