Hey now!
So a few weeks ago I took a 2 week vacation in the New England area. The last time I
was on the east coast was when I was in elementary school and toured DC and Vir
with my class. Actually looking forward to revist that area in the fu
have to be honest, I know very little about New York aside from movies and the media.
Below are photos of my three day adventure in NYC.
After landing in NYC, I was dropped off at the orona Plaza on the
7 line. If you have the time,
take the entire 7 line from end to end, you’ll get a great tour scenic rou
te of the city since most of
it is above ground
First stop, TIME SQAURE. The metro puts you right in the middle of ti
me square. Soak it all in
but becareful of pick pocketers.
You’ll see food trucks like this throughout the city. They are no
t created equal so pick the best one.
There’s one on 57 street that is the best in the city(or so I been t
It’s a giant Hershey’s Bar/Building!