San Francisco is a beautiful city. With it’s larger than life person
ality to it’s unique
micro-climates, there is something for everyone in San Francisco. In this seri
es, we will
explore the different neighborhoods within San Francisco. We will start wit
h the more
popular and famous tourist areas and work our way into the the areas ‘les
s traveled’ by.
Part 1. Up! Up! and Away! First stop, Dolores Park!
Always a good time hanging out at Deloris Park. Great place to soak in t
he San Francisco sun,
people watch, or just to hang out with your mates. You’ll also get a ve
ry good view of the city
from there as well!
Another view of the park, The playgound area is amazing! Check on the slid
e of the next picture.
Slides are always fun.
A face framed view of the city from Dolores park