Introduction of the XiaoMi 4c AKA 4i
Look and Feel:
The 4C chose the no physical button approach on the main display and a
three button
configuration on the side of the phone ( Volume and screen shutoff/power but
respectively). the Speaker is positioned on the back of the phone. The 4C uses t
he new
USB type-C plug, which is a huge upgrade for USBs everywhere, we will no longer h
to put up with flipping the usb connectors back and forth and back again.
The 4c is xiaomi answer to Iphone’s 5c (they even use the same naiming system
apple) and putting them side by side, the 4c fit and finish is very simil
ar. xiaomi made
every attempt to appeal as an high end phone and it shows for the 4c.
The 4c operates on a modified version on the android Lollipop 5.1.1 system
the changes
are made to cater to their chinese demographic. If you are familiar with US a
you’ll have very little issues with the 4c OS.
However, speaking from the US consumes standpoint, these are some issues wi
th using
a phone designed for the chinese consumer in the US.
even when language is set to American English, there are still areas t
hat stayed in
chinese. this is especially true in xiaomi apps themselves such as theme, a
nd certain
parts of their app store is translated and the other part isn’t (sho
w some screen shots)
no apps to download any android products because there is no google plays
tore straight
out of the box. The app store that comes with the 4c only have chinese apps, (wh
ich is
worth checking out because there is a HUGE app markets that can’t be fo
und on the US
market place) in order to overcome this issue, you would need to download google
installer which would then allow you to download the standard google app
s that you
would get in any US android phone. We can talk about the how to install those
guide in a
later blog.
There is no group text feature at all using the standard phone messeng
er. From my
understanding, The chinese market have long abandoned their standard text
(due to data and text messages being seperate) which is why apps such as
wechat and
line friends so popular. Xiaomi doens’t have any plans to address this
issue and the best
alternative in the US market to fix this issue is an app called textra (w
hich have issues of
their own)
Picture Quality:
The 4C front camera carries a 13 MB Camera at f2.0 aperture and 1080p v
recording. The rearfacing camera is a 5mb f1.8 80 degree wide angle lens. I
t also comes
with “36 smart beauty profiles.”
Both front and rear cameras work best in during sunlight. The camera
app is preloaded
with 12 filters and also with different camera modes such as paranoma,
fish eye, beauty,
tilt-shift, HHT, manual and gradient. Check out the photos below to see ph
oto quality
during various lightings and situatuions.
Sound Quality:
The sound quality on this phone is on par with it’s current mid range comp
etition. The
speaker is loud and crisp at 50%, and gets plenty loud on full capac
ity, although at 100%
the quality does deteriorate just a bit.